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Nba 2k9 (pc)

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Midle End Level


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13:36 11/10/2008


El 21 de Octubre sale oficialmente para PC !!!! Despues de tanto tiempo viene a equilibrar el asunto para pelearle mano mano al NBA Live de la firma EA Sports.


2K HD – Breathtaking action in full HD resolution brings you radically improved facial textures and eye movement, true-to-life crowd reactions and celebration sequences, and much more.

Styles Upon Styles – New Signature Defensive Styles and more Signature Shots, dunks and free throws give you EVEN MORE distinctive player styles.

Adaptive AI – Now your teammates and your opponents read,react, and adjust in real time to match your gameplay strategies.

The Association 2.0 – All-new interface, Player Ambitions, Player Scouting, and more options for the casual player make this the most robust Franchise mode ever

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Hardcore Extreme Level


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13:43 11/10/2008

Midle End Level


entradas: 209

13:46 11/10/2008

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Perdon de verdad se me paso de largo…cerrar post.

The Undercover Nerd
Der geeks shall inherit the Earth