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Nuevos micros de SUN???

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00:58 28/03/2007


Gente, les dejo un quote y un articulo… los sparc son MUY grosos che…

"Sun Microsystems is keeping quiet about the three next generation processors it has on the drawing board.

Sun has been fairly forthcoming about the release of the Niagara II chip in the second half of this year,but the trade press has been strangely quiet. Niagara II is a faster and power-friendly version of the T1 processor. Sun has promised that it will double the number of threads that each of its four processor cores can handle. With 16 threads, the processor should be able to perform 64 calculations at the same time.

Comments on the Advanced Processor Line (APL) chips which are also expected in the first half of 2007 are fewer and the Rock chip which is believed to be released in 2008 are non-existant. Sun's executive vice president of systems John Fowler said that he didn't want to give away any of the thinking that is
going behind the Rock.

It is also possible that Sun does not want to get caught out by providing false expectations. The APLline was supposed to be released last year and failed to make it. Initially it was designed as a mainframe competitor that will replace Sun's current UltraSparc IV, however it is not clear if that is what Sun still
has in mind.
Certainly the company has no interest in clarifying anything about it at the moment.

Si alguno quiere mas data sobre los niagara o cualquier micro de SUN, plase, avisen.. todavia me queda algo en el tintero


EDITO: Ademàs, pude encontrar algo de data mas que interesante… la gente de SUN esta considerando el vender sus procesadores a integradores u otros vendors… les dejo el link.



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01:23 28/03/2007


Naaa man.. lo tuyo es increible paso mucho tiempo leyendo tus datos jejeje y toda la info que le inyectas al foro

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BNDMOD @ Cruz Alta (Cba.) Argentina

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02:16 28/03/2007


Algo más de info en la cobertura del ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) 2007 por Real World Technologies.

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Cochabamba- Bolivia

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18:07 28/03/2007


jejeje buena data deberia haber un lado donde diga maximoecibad