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Bloomfield + SLI?

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04:16 11/07/2008


podria darse la tecnologia SLI en mothers con chipset Intel LGA-1160-1366….

Industry sources indicate that NVIDIA has acquired a QPI license to manufacture desktop core-logic (chipset) for the upcoming Nehalem-based processors. NVIDIA looks at a quick-fix solution to offer SLI support for the upcoming LGA-1366 motherboards. It's too late for them to prepare a full-fledged chipset since X58 is dressing up to go to office and that's slated for as early as Q4, 2008. The quick-fix solution is that NVIDIA offers a certain chip that can be used on X58 motherboards that allows those boards to support NVIDIA SLI. This solution is in many respects similar to the Intel D5400XS "Skulltrail" board, where two NForce 200 (BR-04) chips were used alongside the Intel 5400A northbridge that allowed 2-way SLI. The NVIDIA BR-04 chip costs US $30 for motherboard manufacturers.

As for Lynnfield, NVIDIA will try to debut a full-fledged LGA-1160 motherboard since there is ample time to work on that. The quick-fix ensures that when LGA-1366 X58 does come out, and NVIDIA doesn't have a chipset ready, the advantage of multi-GPU doesn't go to ATI since X58 supports ATI Crossfire and is already touted to support 4-way ATI Crossfire X technology. LGA-1160 boards lack QuickPath interconnect as a chipset bus. Since NVIDIA lacks access to QuickPath technology, it can continue to use its competitive HyperTransport link which it's been using since the NForce 2 days.

Don't expect too many of these SLI LGA 1366 boards soon though. Reason being that each BR-04 chip costs $30, requires motherboard makers to re-design their motherboards (since most vendors seem to be ready with their X58 board designs), and a redesign would push back entry by a few months (for release of these SLI supportive boards).

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17:17 11/07/2008


aflojo nvidia al final=?

Que no sepa tu mano izquierda lo que hace la derecha!

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19:50 11/07/2008


jejejeje al final nvidia tuvo q aflojar

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20:50 11/07/2008


aparentemente lo que se dice es que nvidia no tiene ni planeado un chipset para esta nueva tecnologia, es por eso que le da el soporte, pero yo que se, por ahi es por solamente $

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22:15 11/07/2008

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aflojo nvidia al final=?

Y si, porque si Nvidia no le permitía usar SLI en los chipsets Intel, Intel no le permitía fabricar chipsets para Nehalem.