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Adios Duron por siempre!!!

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09:50 28/10/2002


Goodbye AMD Duron forever

Bargain Basement beckons for cut down chipolata

By Mike Magee: Sonntag 27 Oktober 2002, 11:13

CHANNEL PARDNERS — dealers and distributors – are being told this is the last quarter when the AMD Duron, its answer to the Celeron, will be available.
Further, sources tell us, the D1300 processor in a box will be the last of these products available, while even that chip is experiencing a two week lag on supply.

Meanwhile, the MP 2400 boxed multiprocessor chip is expected to be available in the first week of November, although resellers are being told that their allocation on order is a maximum of 20 parts.

The MP 2600 processor in a box still has no scheduled date for release, we understand, while the Athlon XP 1700 processor in a box may also go end of line (EOL) either at the end of this month or the next.

Other processor in a box packages that are no longer being produced are the D1200 box, the XP 1900 box, and the MP 1600 to 1900 boxes, with the MP 2100 box also scheduled for the bargain basement stakes.

As for the "new" processors AMD paper launched earlier this month – well, we'll get back to that tortuous tale tomorrow. µ