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Supermicro Muestra Mobo para Intel Xeon con 1600MHz Bus, PCI Express 2.0

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avellaneda,buenos aires

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06:21 26/03/2007


Intel Corp. has already announced that later during the year the company would release Intel Xeon processors with 1600MHz processor system bus (PSB) as well as server chips made using 45nm process technology. Unfortunately, until now the details concerning the new core-logic were under the wraps, but thanks to Supermicro we now know some details about Intel Seaburg chipset.

Apparently, apart from 1600MHz dual independent processor system bus and support for dual-core and quad-core Intel Xeon processors, Seaburg family of core-logic sets will feature PCI Express 2.0 bus and up to 128GB of FB-DIMM memory.

During CeBIT 2007 Supermicro unveiled two new mainboards based on Intel’s code-named Seaburg chipset for severs (X7DW3+) and workstations (X7DWA-N), which both can support two Intel Xeon code-named Harpertown (45nm) processors with 1600MHz PSB and 128GB or 64GB of FB-DIMM memory.

Supermicro X7DWA-N

The workstation-oriented X7DWA-N powered by Seaburg chipset supports two PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots for two graphics cards in multi-GPU SLI mode, has built-in multi-channel audio, PCI and PCI-X 133/100 slots for further expandability. The product may be used for building a high-performance workstation with 64GBs of memory, or even a server, as it features built-in graphics adapter by ATI Technologies

Supermicro X7DW3+

The server-oriented X7DW3+ supports two Intel Xeon processors, up to 128GB of FB-DIMM memory, Serial-Attached SCSI, PCI Express x8/x4 as well as PCI-X 133/100 slots for expansion as well as built-in ES1000 graphics adapter from ATI.

Neither of the mainboards have been officially introduced, however, it is known that Intel plans to reveal its Seaburg chipsets and Harpertown processors in the second half of the year.

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Hardcore Extreme Level


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08:54 26/03/2007


muy sarpado esto che…… lindo mother !!!! Sabes q lindo servidor te podrias armar con ese mother y un par de Xeon ejejje

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09:18 26/03/2007


Ahh bueno, 64 y 128gb de memoria, doble pci-e 2.0, conector scsi. Muy lindo para armarse una maquinola para la casa de una. Lindas mother para servidores, la verdad que se van a la joraca. Saludos.

P.D.: Una duda, el pci-e 2.0 ya esta disponible y en uso tanto en mothers (hogareñas) como vga's?