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Nueve formato de AMD, el DTX

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20:58 11/01/2007


Lots of people think that the key to getting more penetration for media center PCs is with a smaller form factor. The catch is that most of the mainboards that you can use for small form factor systems are too big to allow a really small foot print for the PC.

The other problem is that small form factor PCs tend to be very proprietary with regards to what hardware like power supplies, graphics and CPUs will work with them. In an attempt to make manufacturing small form factor PCs easier and more appealing to mainboard and system manufacturers AMD has put forward a new specification proposal called DTX. DTX is designed to fit inside any standard ATX chassis by using the same mounting hole layout making it ready to fit virtually all chassis around.

AMD is aiming the board at small, cool and low end components with integrated graphics with a CPU that is a 65W design. AMD is even trying to get Intel to agree to use this form factor to move the industry forward as a whole. I was able to see mock up systems and mainboards based on the DTX specs and I will say that they look really cool and if the specification is widely adopted like AMD hopes it will make for a much thinner and more compact media center machine of small form factor computer.

En resumen AMD esta proponiendo este nuevo formato de mobos para tener mayor penetracion en el mercado de los media center. seran armados con video integrado y componentes "low-end" como dice mas arriba el texto y seran equipados con la nueva linea de procesadores de bajo consumo. Tambien hablan de q AMD esta tratando de convencer a INTEL de usar el formato DTX para poder movilizar la industria a este nuevo formato.
un nuevo formato mas ahora tenemos: microATX, ATX, DTX, BTX y quien sabe q otro por ahi.