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[NEWS] Nvidia expected to launch C19 core-logic chipset for P4 CPUs in 1Q 2005

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03:13 10/12/2004


Taiwan-based core-logic chipset makers are bracing for fierce competition in the Intel Pentium 4 chipset market as Nvidia plans to begin marketing its SLI (Scalable Link Interface)-enabled core-logic chipset, codenamed C19, at the end of first quarter of next year, according to market sources.

Nvidia has delivered samples of the C19 to its motherboard customers, and volume shipments will begin at the end of the first quarter, or early in the second quarter of 2005, the sources said.

Nvidia is outsourcing production of the C19 to IBM, the sources added

Sources at VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) both agreed that Nvidia’s entrance into the Pentium 4 core-logic market will add more competitive pressure to their pricing.

To compete more effectively with Nvidia, both VIA and SiS have been developing higher-end Pentium 4 chipsets, and these will also be SLI-compatible, according to sources at the two companies.

VIA and Nvidia are now competing in the Athlon 64 core-logic market, with Nvidia’s nForce 4 K8 chip taking a larger share of the high-end segment and VIA’s K8T890 PRO leading in the mainstream and entry-level segments, said the sources.

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08:18 10/12/2004


MAXIMOPC: Todo el hard en TU idioma

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10:28 10/12/2004


Que aleboso……