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Msi Rs482m-il

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11:10 28/03/2006


Estoy viendo de armarle una PC a una clienta con ese mobo.
Alguno lo usó? Opiniones? Algún review que no esté en polaco?
( o en su defecto, alguien que sepa polaco y me traduzca esto:…_RS482MIL.html)


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14:42 29/03/2006


He leido que es bastante bueno, con exepcion de la velocidad usb por usar el chipset de Ati.

Yo diria que le tires para adelante, o sino cambirlo por alguno de otra empresa que tenga el south de Uli.

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17:00 29/03/2006


Es buen mobo,yo arme una pc con ese mismo y andaba de 10,pero me parece mejor el MSI K8NGM-V con chipset e igp nvidia.

Intel pentium 2160@3.2ghz – DFI p35 blood iron – 2x1gb mushkin ddr2 800 – wd 250gb sata II – WD 80gb sata II – Sapphire hd4850 512mb – Benq 1640 – Antec neo 500 HE – Samsung 997mb

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entradas: 4393

17:22 29/03/2006


En el mayorista donde compro consigo ese nomás…

Algun lugar donde se consiga barato el MSI k8ngm-v ????

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21:23 29/03/2006


Yo arme una PC con RS482M4-ILD, tiene todo , Dual Channel, SATA, FIrewire, salida spdif, salida tv out, lan, no te hace falta nada, performance bien, aunque no es un Neo 4 Plat Ultra, pero relacion costo calidad, de 10.

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entradas: 4393

14:34 30/03/2006


Del foro de MSI:

I purchased an RS48x Motherboard what video card should I buy? As per current circumstances there are misc. issues with Nvidia products. If you want an Nvidia video card you should purchase an Nvidia Chipset board. If you want or are willing to be happy with an ATI card you should be fine on this board.

My monitor keeps going into suspend while loading windows, what is wrong? Most likely this means you have a non-p'n'p monitor or a monitor missing the Pin for the p'n'p communication so the motherboard is acting as if no monitor is connected. Currently there are queries in regarding this and where it is sending output to but no results yet.

What is the difference between "Sata as IDE", "SATA as Raid" and "Sata as Storage"? Per benchmarks there is no difference in these 3 settings. Sata as IDE allows your device to be detected and installed via the Bios itself and bootable instead of Raid. Raid setting is for raid arrays but will also function for single drives and is also bootable. Storage setting is for non-bootable storage arrays.

Can I overclock my RS48x board? At this point no. There is no allowance for changing the FSB or any memory timings in the bios. There is a program called clockgen that works with these boards for a 20% boost but you can not lock your memory or PCI bus using this so there is no guarantee for stability.

Does the integrated sound do x.1 sound? No. What it allows is a full surround sound including Dolby and THX, but the Center and subwoofer are kept on the same channel. Although it does almost as good as x.1 sound it still is not due to the fact it lacks a seperate center/sub channel and combines them.

After connecting my USB mouse I recieve the message "No PS2 Mouse found. Please press F1 to continue". How do I fix this?
Enter the Bios and find "USB Legacy Support" make sure it is enabled.

My monitor doesn't work with the TV connected? (Or TV doesn't work with the monitor connected) The RS48X integrated graphics as designed by MSI on there boards does not support multiple display outputs. This means you can not have a monitor and TV display at the same time using different outputs on the motherboard. It will only route the display to one of the outputs.