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Codigo de error C1?

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22:05 06/09/2008


Hola gente toy armando una pc y la motherboard(SAPPHIRE PI-AM2RS780G) me tira un codigo de error C1, y no tengo idea a q se puede referir….


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22:12 06/09/2008


OFF: Tenes dos threads iguales…

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18:36 07/09/2008


Proba con otra memoria.

Aca encontre una supuesta solucion,deberias probar:

Hiho all. Thought I would toss up the steps I've followed for quite some time to pull my system back from the brinks of "–" and C1 system boot errors. I know it looks like a lot of hassel but it's better than having to go through RMA all the time which I know alot of you have done on the first instance of either error.

Anyway, here they are.

1. Shut down system and turn off PSU.
2. Press power button to discharge mobo
3. Jumper Clear CMOS jumper
4. Remove battery
5. Remove all memory
6. Let sit for 15-20min
7. Place 1 stick of mem in system in slot farthest from the CPU.
8. Replace Clear CMOS jumper.
9. Repace battery
10. Turn on PSU
11. Press power button. (if still getting "–" or 1d then "–" then shut down and reboot again. If still same then RMA)
12. If boot occurs (ie FF Led) then enter bios.
13. Load defaults, set date/time, set mem voltage to 2.1v
14. F10 save and reboot.
15. If boot occurs then enter bios, make all changes needed
16. F10 save and reboot.
17. If boot occurs (ie FF) then enter bios then shut system down via power switch
18. Place second stick of mem in second slot farthest from CPU.
19. Power on.
20. If boot occurs (ie FF) then hit reset to make sure.
21. If boot occurs then move on to allow windows to boot.

I have used these same steps countless times in my tinkerings where "–" and C1 has occured. Everytime I have come back from the dead.

Let me know if they work which I hope it does. If you find something else that works then by all means post that also.

Good luck and l8r.

PC: Athlon 64 X2 4800@2,8Ghz ||| 2Gb RAM Markvision DDR800 ||| 8800GT 512MB ||| Gabo Satellite X-Blade 511P ||| HDD 320GB Samsung ||| Coolermaster Rs-450 ||| LCD AOC 17" :S ||| Logitech G5 Battlefield 2142 ||| Logitech X-530 5.1 ||| Asus M2N-SLI

NB: MSI U100 ||| Intel Atom 1.6Ghz ||| 1GB RAM ||| HDD 160GB ||| Windows 7 ON!

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13:21 08/09/2008


Fede que Indio que sos, mira esto significa el error C1:


Memory Presence

First block memory detect
OEM Specific-Test to size on-board
memory. Early chip set initialization
Memory presence test
OEM chip set routines
Clear low 64K of memory
Test first 64K memory

Te paso el link del DF que tiene todos los codigos de error de la PI-AM2RS780G

y el link de descargas:

en si eso no es un error, solo esta probando las memorias, es parte del post… cualquier cosa avisa…