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Palo a Nvidia!!!

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23:06 28/08/2003


Editorials on NVIDIA

A few highlights from the latest editorials concerning NVIDIA:

Kyle Bennet, HardOCP

"What NVIDIA has done in the world of benchmarks is inexcusable and they simply owe us all an apology for dumping on every person that ever supported them."

" I think when we spend $400 or $500 on a video card, we should be able to turn on true Trilinear Filtering in the game if that is what we want, and NVIDIA has taken this away from us."

"IF this is true (NVIDIA rejoining Futuremark), it simply leaves me numb after all the efforts that NVIDIA has expended to discredit Futuremark."

"I am sorry, but I have now had enough. NVIDIA needs to fess up to their actions publicly. NVIDIA needs to apologize for their actions publicly."


Dave Baumann, Beyond 3D

"Where 3DMark is concerned it appears that NVIDIA have more or less admitted that the more extreme elements, such as inserting clip planes and not clearing buffers within the game benchmark scene weren't correct and are suggesting that these were the work of a single overzealous software engineer. "

"Trilinear Filtering has been with us on consumer boards since the introduction of Multi-Texturing and in the realm of $500 boards we'd expect that they would be able to handle the performance requirements of Trilinear acceptably."

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01:32 29/08/2003


Esto confirma más o menos lo que dije en otro post. Los tipos no cuidan realmente su producto y a sus clientes. Los tipos quieren vender y punto. Mala estratégia comercial.