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4850 2gb

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Hardcore Extreme Level


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23:37 10/07/2008


aparecen las primeras imagenes de lo que sera la HD4850 2gb. equipada con refrigeracion de la mano de Zerotherm, 2gb GDDR3, gpu a 665mhz y memorias a 1000mhz.
todavia no hay datos de lanzamiento ni de precios.

The Radeon HD 4850 has been in for a while and boy, did it change the face of the market as we knew it. PowerColor / TUL came up with the first non-reference design for the HD 4850, it sticks to the AMD reference PCB alebit changes to the cooler and the memory. It uses ZeroTherm full copper GPU cooler with CVVT technology(Continue Variable Velocity Timing). The card now features a mammoth 2 GB of GDDR3 memory. There are minor changes to the GPU parameters as well: 665 MHz core and 1000 MHz memory.

We could have understood if they gave it 1 GB of memory, knowing that the RV770 is a capable GPU and might be able to use higher amount of memory but 2 GB seems too much. The card is loaded with 16 x 1 Gb GDDR3 chips. The chips on the other side of the PCB have a heatspreader. There's no information about availablilty and pricing yet.