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Men Of Valor

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22:43 09/03/2005


Hola Como Les Va A Todos, Queria Preguntarles Si Alguien Sabe Los Trucos Del Juego Men Of Valor

Hardcore Extreme Level


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12:45 10/03/2005


When you are rushing the hill under the easy difficulty setting,
just rush up the right side. If you try to kill everyone first it
will not work — they just keep appearing.

Note: The VC appear on both sides after eliminating the first two
turret bunkers — rushing up the right side does not work under the
normal or hard difficulty settings. Instead, stay prone and crawl
up the middle. The turrets cannot see you, and neither can the VC
because they are being suppressed by the rest of your platoon.

Fuente: CheatBook-DataBase 2004

Mmm que rico!