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a nice stepfamily moment

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12:09 11/04/2009


last night we had to go over to the skids place to drop something off and the boys came outside to talk to DH in the front yard. i was in the car, and SS6 came running over to me, he have me a hug and a kiss and then stayed chatting to me for a while before saying "i'd better go and talk to dad now" and running off

i had assumed that DH had told him to say hello to me, but when DH got back in the car he told me that he hadn't said anything, SS had just run straight over to me when DH said i was in the car

its moments like that that can make a lot of the other cr@p fade away

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12:16 11/04/2009




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12:17 11/04/2009


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q q?

"No hay nada más importante que el conocimiento, nada tan valioso como la información. No hay nada más apasionante que aprender, y nada tan gratificante como enseñar lo aprendido. No hay gesto más bello que compartir y poner al alcance de quien lo necesita áquello que el destino ha hecho que tú poseas."

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13:34 11/04/2009


ooo thats a pitty my friend! , welcome to the forum !



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