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Superbar ENABLED In Windows 7 Build 6801

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09:29 03/11/2008


Bueno chicos, antes que anda le pido disculpa porque no puedo dar los links para su download de la version Windows 7 build 6933. Me llego unos mails del administrator del foro y no se puede pasar links por via PM.

Pero bueno. para los que ya tienen Windows 7 6801 le dejo un truco para acitvar la Super Barra. estilo MAC.

Superbar ENABLED In Windows 7 Build 6801

Yes, that’s right folks. The one and only Rafael Rivera has figured out how to enable the new taskbar in Windows 7 build 6801. The taskbar was there the whole time, but protected by some rather interesting checks that I find quite entertaining.

Must be a member of an allowed domain
Must not be an employee with a disallowed username prefix
a- (temporary employees)
v- (contractors/vendors)
So to break it down, you have to be on the Windows team in REDMOND and NOT a contract employee. So most of the people who moderate over the Beta newsgroups would not have the new taskbar by default. Bypassing it was suprisingly easy. Anyway to read the full set of instructions, head over to Raf’s blog.

View: Rafael’s Blog Post

EDIT: Here is a copy of Rafael’s post as it seems his Blog is down at the moment:

During PDC ‘08, I was passed a note indicating that I should dig deeper into the bits to discover the snazzy new Taskbar. Upon cursory analysis, I found no evidence of such and dismissed the idea as completely bogus.

I got home and starting doing some research on a potentially new feature called Aero Shake when I stumbled upon an elaborate set of checks tied to various shell-related components, including the new Taskbar. To use these, what I call “protected features”, you must meet the following criteria:

Must be a member of an allowed domain
Must not be an employee with a disallowed username prefix
a- (temporary employees)
v- (contractors/vendors)

[Imagen Removida por el Usuario]
Protected Feature Flowchart

As checking against this criteria is potentially expensive, in terms of CPU cycles, the result of the check is cached for the duration of Explorer’s lifetime (per protected feature). The cached value is stored within a variable, space of which is allocated in the image’s initialized data section (.data).

Explorer does not initialize these variables at start and checks for a cached result for before performing any checks. I exploited this behavior by setting the initialized value in the image itself to 1 vice 0 to bypass all twelve checks.

Why not use a hook to intercept GetComputerNameExW / GetUserNameW?

I thought about building a hook to inject into the Explorer process upon start, but I grew concerned that legitimate code in Explorer that uses those functions to perform various legitimate tasks would malfunction. And I was lazy.

Can I has too? Plz?

Simply download a copy of a tool I whipped up for either x86 or x64 (untested thus far), drop it into your Windows\ directory and execute the following commands as an Administrator in a command prompt window:

takeown /f %windir%\explorer.exe
cacls %windir%\explorer.exe /E /G MyUserName:F (replacing MyUserName with your username)
taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
start unlockProtectedFeatures.exe
After changing the protected feature lock state, you can re-launch the shell by clicking the Launch button.

Screenshot of PDC ‘08 build with new Taskbar
[Imagen Removida por el Usuario]

Why did Microsoft do this?

I’m not sure why these features went into the main (winmain) builds wrapped with such protection. What are your thoughts?

Gracias, un abrazo
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12:09 03/11/2008


Evidentemente todavia esta muy Vista que digamos esa barra de tares no me gusta para nada, me sigo quedando con la que teniamos hasta ahora…
Me agregas al msn? quiero esos links!