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Posibles specs de la 5870 y 5870x2

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11:35 05/05/2009


ATI Radeon 5870 and 5870X2 specs revealed?

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German site ATI-Forum probably scored a coup of 2009 – according to their sources, ATI's RV870-based cards are already out at selected partners.
We cannot say was this leak was a reaction on our joint-exclusive story about nVidia's GT300 architecture, but one thing is for sure – ATI wants to bring out their Cypress board as soon as possible – planned for July 2009.
The alleged specifications of RV870 reveal that this chip is not exactly a new architecture, but rather a DirectX 11-specification tweak of the RV770 GPU architecture. Just like nVidia's GT300 architecture, the actual RV870 chip is manufactured in TSMC's 40nm half-node process, packing more transistors than GT200 chips. Regardless of what ATI says about nVidia and large dies, the fact of the matter is that ATI is making a large die as well – but the company will continue to use the dual-GPU approach to reach high-end performance.
The RV870 chip should feature 1200 cores, divided into 12 SIMD groups with 100 cores each [20 "5D" units], while RV770 was based on 10 SIMD group with 80 cores total [16 "5D" groups consisting out of one "fat" and four simpler ones]. Thus, it is logical to conclude that when it comes to execution cores, not much happened architecturally – ATI's engineers increased the number of registers and other demanding architectural tasks in order to comply with Shader Model 5.0 and DirectX 11 Compute Shaders. The core is surrounded with 48 texture memory units, meaning ATI is continuing to increase the ROP:Core:TMU. For the first time, ATI is shipping a part with 32 ROP [Rasterizing OPeration] units, meaning the chip is able to output 32 pixels in a single clock.
When it comes to products, ATI plans to launch four parts: Radeon HD 5850 and 5850X2 in more affordable pricing bracket and HD5870 and HD5870X2 for the high-end parts. While there were no clocks for the Radeon HD 5850/5850X2 parts, alleged clocks for HD5870 and HD5870X2 reveal that for the first time, an X2 part is clocked higher than a single-GPU part. Was this a requirement of SidePort memory interface, we are not aware atm. German site Hardware-Infos placed all of the data in a very convenient table, which we are running here with permission. Their story also contains more data about the upcoming ATI RV870 architecture.

ATI 4870 vs 5870 table…courtesy of Hardware-Infos

These units should result in 2.16 TFLOPS for the HD5870 and 4.56 TFLOPS for the dual-GPU part. Yes, you've read correctly – we are going from 1TFLOPS chip to 4.6TFLOPS within 13 months. Is it now clear that CPUs are in a standstill when it comes to performance improvements? The biggest question though is – while there is no doubt that ATI pulled another miracle out of their hat with a brilliant on-time execution, releasing a 40nm part that will be relatively cheap to manufacture. BUT – can it beat nVidia's GT300 and by how much?
Some journalists allegedly have miracle 8-balls and claim that the ATI cards will blow nVidia out of the water. We are not so certain… stay tuned.

Fuente :…-revealed.aspx

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12:10 05/05/2009


se sabe algo de los precios??

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12:12 05/05/2009


No, aun no se filtro nada de los precios o cuando saldrían al mercado.

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12:18 05/05/2009


Y supongo que tendran los mismos precios de salida, de la generacion anterior. Unos pesos mas o menos.

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15:07 05/05/2009


creo que estaba posteado

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15:09 05/05/2009


hmm lo qeu debe rendir una 5850 linda para un crossito

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15:59 05/05/2009


ta todo bien con el rendimiento, pero si siguen con el mismo nombre al cabo de 1-2 años no les va a alcanzar la caja, 9870-10870…

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Reconquista, Santa Fe

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19:39 05/05/2009

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creo que estaba posteado

SPAM no creo negro mira que recien lo saque hoy de donde fuentie

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00:07 06/05/2009


La x2 tiene mas clock que la single?? eso no me cierra, osea va a ser un infierno portatil la x2

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01:04 06/05/2009


Yo postie la MISMA info hace mas de 1 año… es bastante fake mepa… o es la misma noticia repetida

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01:25 06/05/2009


Heres the fact list of the facts currently known about the 5800:

-256bit gpu

-40nm die

They launch in Q2-3 2009

-256 to 512 bit GDDR5 memory that can reach 1,750MHz max (7Ghz)

The list of info below is the likely facts of the 5870 and 5850


-320ALUs= 1,600 stream processing units

-120TMUs (for heavy texturing), vs 40tmus on the 4800 series and 80TMUs on the 280.

-32ROPs (heavy pixel processing) vs 16 on the RV770 and 32 on the 280

-2 DVIs, 1HDMI, and 1Displayport inputs. (hdmi an display replace the s-video)

-the cooling devices for the gpus and board are vapor cooled, reducing heat 30+% better than air-cooled.

-Board size the same as the 4800 series

-250 to 290mm in die size


-priced $299 at launch

-Core clock around 900+MHz

-1GB 512-bit GDDR5 ram around 1.5GHz, 6GHz effectively(can go up to 1,750mhz max, 7GHz effectively)

-2 six-pin ports

-2-slot cooler


-Price $199 at launch

-800MHz core clock

-512MB 512-bit GDDR5 ram around 1,200MHz (with the cheaper quizmodo ram that can only go to 1,250mhz or 1,500mhz max, 5-6GHz effectively)

-1 6-pin

-single slot cooler

** both have DirectX11 and OpenCL…hreadid=104227

Estas especificaciones son un tanto diferentes, ver para creer.