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Nuevos WaterBlock para VGA Koolance para GTX 275/285 and Single PCB GTX (EN INGLES)

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20:04 01/07/2009


Que buenos que parecen estar, lastima el precio

Koolance lauches two new water blocks Written by Slobodan Simic Wednesday, 01 July 2009 14:11

For GTX 275/285 and Single PCB GTX 295

Koolance has announced two new water blocks designed to keep the temperatures of Nvidia's single PCB GTX 295 and GTX 275/285 at bay.

Both blocks feature nickel-plated copper that is covered with an acrylic jacket. The GTX 295 single PCB water block also covers the back of the card in order to cool the memory chips located back there. It weighs a massive 1kg and comes with standard G 1/4-inch nozzles.

The other block supports reference designed Nvidia GTX 275, 285 1GB and 285 2GB cards, weighs 680g and also ships with standard 1/4-inch nozzles while the 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch are going to be available soon.

The GTX 295 single PCB water block goes under the VID-NX295S model name and sells for US $159.99 at Koolance web site. The other one, VID-NX285N sells at US $99.99 and can be found here.

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23:22 01/07/2009


Casi siempre fueron pesados los full cover.

Lastima que son tan caros puestos aca. Igualmente se sabe que para lo que es rendimiento no es la mejor opcion, peroooo son re facheros jajaja


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23:48 01/07/2009


Huuu alta facha el 295.

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