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Microsdft Anuncia los cambios notables en Vista SP1

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03:18 07/02/2008


Luego de que Microsoft anunciara que el Service Pack 1 del SO Windows Vista se demoraria hasta marzo (por un tema de incopatibilidad actual de vista con ciertos drivers jajajaja) ya que estarian trabajando para que el SP1 sea una actualizacion decente y libre de problemas, se dio a conocer una publicacion con el contenido del dichoso service pack.
Un adelanto:
Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1

(lo mas destacado)
 Adds support for new UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) industry standard PC firmware for 64-bit systems with functional parity with legacy BIOS firmware, which allows Windows Vista SP1 to install to GPT format disks, boot and resume from hibernate using UEFI firmware.
 Adds support for x64 EFI network boot.
 Adds support for the 64-bit version of MSDASQL, which acts as a “bridge” from OLEDB to a variety of ODBC drivers thus simplifying application migration from 32-bit platforms to 64-bit Windows Vista.
 Adds support for Direct3D® 10.1, an update to Direct3D 10 that extends the API to support new hardware features, enabling 3D application and game developers to make more complete and efficient use of the upcoming generations of graphics hardware.
 Adds support for exFAT, a new file system supporting larger overall capacity and larger files, which will be used in Flash memory storage and consumer devices.
 Adds support for SD Advanced DMA (ADMA) on compliant SD standard host controllers. This new transfer mechanism, which is expected to be supported in SD controllers soon, will improve transfer performance and decrease CPU utilization.
 Adds support for creating a single DVD media that boots on PCs with either BIOS or EFI.

 Windows Vista SP1 includes all previously released Security Bulletin fixes which affect Windows Vista.
 SP1 includes Secure Development Lifecycle process updates, where Microsoft identifies the root cause of each security bulletin and improves our internal tools to eliminate code patterns that could lead to future vulnerabilities.
 Service Pack 1 includes supported APIs by which third-party security and malicious software detection applications can work alongside Kernel Patch Protection on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. These APIs have been designed to help security and non-security ISVs develop software that extends the functionality of the Windows kernel on 64-bit systems, in a documented and supported manner, and without disabling or weakening the protection offered by Kernel Patch Protection.
 Improves the security of running RemoteApp™ programs and desktops by allowing RDP files to be signed. Administrators now have the control to differentiate the user experience based on the publisher's identity.
 Data Execution Protection (DEP) is a memory-protection feature available beginning with Windows XP and Server 2003. SP1 improves security with a new set of Win32 APIs to allow programmatic control over a process’s DEP policy. This will provide application developers with finer control on a process’s DEP settings for security, testability, compatibility, and reliability.

 Adds support for new strong cryptographic algorithms used in IPsec. SHA-256, AES-GCM, and AES-GMAC for ESP and AH, ECDSA, SHA-256, and SHA-384 for IKE and AuthIP.
 Adds the NIST SP 800-90 Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) to the list of available PRNG in Windows Vista.
 Adds support for SSTP (Secure Sockets Tunnel Protocol), a remote access VPN tunneling protocol that will be part of Microsoft’s RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service) platform. SSTP helps provide full-network VPN remote access connections over SSL, removing some of the VPN connectivity challenges that other VPN tunnels face traversing NAT, web proxies, and firewalls.
 Adds full support for the latest IEEE draft of 802.11n wireless networking.
 Adds support for obtaining identity and invoke identity UI from an inner method via a new EAPHost runtime API as well as a configuration UI for tunnel methods. These APIs are useful for developers working on tunneling/multi-phased EAP authentication methods as well as those who implement networking supplicants which consume EAP authentications.
 Adds support for Windows Smartcard Framework to enable compliance with the EU Digital Signature Directive and National ID / eID.
 Adds support for the Parental Controls Games Restrictions for ratings from the Korean Game Rating Board (GRB).
 Enhances TCP Chimney network card support so that a TCP Chimney network card can also support Compound TCP.
 Adds support in the Wireless Client for a new FIPS (Federal Information Processing) compliant mode. This mode is FIPS 140-2 compliant because it moves the cryptographic processing from the wireless network card to an existing FIPS-approved cryptographic library.
 Enhances Windows Firewall and IPsec to use the new cryptographic algorithms that are Suite B compliant.
 Updated drivers are delivered primarily via Windows Update and directly from hardware vendors, not as part of a service pack. However, a small number of critical drivers are included as part of Windows Vista (e.g., display drivers, audio drivers) and some of these have been updated.
 GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) will be uninstalled with Service Pack 1 and GPEdit will default to Local Group Policy editing. Following these changes, SP1 users can download an updated version of GPMC which will include new Group Policy capabilities including adding comments to GPOs or individual settings and searching for specific Group Policy settings.
 The MSN Connection Center Dial-up Internet Access connector was removed from the Windows Vista Connection Wizard.
 Includes a new Offline Files interface that exports the dirty byte count for a file that is modified offline. This interface is exposed both through the COM APIs and WMI provider for Offline Files.

el link…ista%20SP1.pdf

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16:13 07/02/2008


Traduccion por favor si no es mucho pedir

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Dr. Vodka

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16:15 07/02/2008


Hmm, se ve interesante la lista de cambios, mucho soporte para cosas nuevas y no tan nuevas

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se habla en español aca todavia no jajaja en español pibe sabemos ingles en lo que se refiere a informatica pero tampoco somos marley jajajajaja

Yo no tuve problemas en enteder lo que el OP posteó Querés una charlita en inglés?? xD

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16:36 07/02/2008


hago lo que puedo
despues busco el pdf traducido y lo posteo.

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16:45 07/02/2008


se habla en español aca todavia no jajaja en español pibe sabemos ingles en lo que se refiere a informatica pero tampoco somos marley jajajajaja

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16:56 07/02/2008


espero q todo eso sirva de algo por q hasta ahora todo muy flojo… y espero q tenga compatibilidad con mas drivers…

se habla en español aca todavia no jajaja en español pibe sabemos ingles en lo que se refiere a informatica pero tampoco somos marley jajajajaja


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17:29 07/02/2008


Maso menos entendí… pero el ingles no es mi fuerte ….
Ojala en algún service pack saquen el DRM q comento eagle q tenia en este post.

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Lo unico que hace que en VISTA pueda sentirse que todo "abre mas rapido" es el famoso "SuperFetch" que bien puede implementarse en XP para acelerar la carga, pero el detrimento de esa tecnologia es un mayor consumo de recursos.

El problema de Superfetch es que si tenes amplias cantidades de RAM se siente que el sistema carga y abre cosas ligeramente mas rapido pero en cuanto tengas un poco menos de RAM con un programa exigente, el superfetch destruye la performance intentando cachear donde no hay memoria disponible y generando un incremento de espacio de memoria virtual, usando el Swap file y retrasando todo, el minimo indispensable para que superfetch funcione bien es 2Gb, 4Gb es lo recomendado para que no se quede corto nunca, al menos por ahora.

Lo de copia de arhivos y red, tiene explicacion y nunca me canso de enunciarla, el fracking DRM.

Cada vez que se anuncia una operacion de archivos, lease, lectura, escritura, por disco o por red, el sistema DRM entra en accion para corroborar lo que se está haciendo.

Si por cada byte minusculo que se copia tenemos un sargento que "escanea" todo lo que hacemos, es logico, que esa velocidad brutal que puede tener cuando nadie lo controla se pierde, por mas buena PC que se tenga, la sensacion es que es ligeramente mas lento.


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Fue lindo mientras duro.

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19:51 07/02/2008


me parece poco incremento en nivel seguridad, pero que va tener un par de cosas buenas me encanto en especial el exFAT, habra que ver que tan bien anda igual.