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Core i5 6** y 6*1

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10:36 04/01/2010


nueva serie de procesadores Intel Core i5 de Doble Nucleo.
"Clarkdale" de 32nm viene en…

Core i5 650 a 3.2ghz
Core i5 660 a 3.33ghz
Core i5 661 a 3.33ghz (grafica mas potente)
Core i5 670 a 3.46ghz

Intel today gave a go ahead for the media to publish reviews of its brand new dual-core processors under the Core i5 6xx and Core i5 6x1 series. The processors are based on the new "Clarkdale" processor die, and make use of the company's 32 nm next generation HKMG manufacturing process. Unlike conventional processor packages based on the Nehalem/Westmere architecture, the new processors move the northbridge component of the system onto the processor package, only that it is based on a separate 45 nm die within the package. The 32 nm processor die houses two processor cores along with up to 4 MB of L3 cache, while it is wired to a larger iGPU die which houses the dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, a graphics core, PCI-Express root complex, along with other components traditionally found on northbridge chips.

The first three models in the new Core i5 series are the 3.20 GHz Core i5 650, 3.33 GHz Core i5 660 and 661 (latter has a faster iGPU), and 3.46 GHz Core i5 670. These processors have the LGA-1156 package and are compatible with existing P55 Express chipset (albeit without the iGPU feature), along with the company's new H55 Express and H57 Express chipsets that support the Flexible Display Interface that provides connectivity to the processors' iGPUs. The new processors feature HyperThreading Technology, with which it provides the operating system with four logical CPUs (threads) to deal with, TurboBoost technology which powers down a core and overclocks the other when the task load is low. Pricing and availability will surface when the processors are formally announced, a little later this month. Meanwhile, motherboard manufacturers are ready with boatloads of new motherboard models based on Intel's two new chipsets. A compilation of links to major reviews on the internet can be found in the day's reviews list on the homepage.…cessor-Debuts/

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12:35 04/01/2010




Maximum overclock @ stock voltages without Turbo


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los negros juntan honor x frags.. como nosotros los gamers.. pero ellos lo hacen de verdad…
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18:12 04/01/2010


Uy no pensé que los cpu con IGP integrado iban a estar tan pronto
bueno es algo muy loco
imagino que rendiran pésimo
pero bueno, hay que ver

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04:43 13/01/2010


me gustaria ver que tal andan los IGP integrados de esos procesadores