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Ati empieza a entrar en la 3D experience

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18:53 15/03/2010


Vamos a reavivar un poco este lado del foro:

AMD lays out Open Stereo 3D Initiative at GDC

NVIDIA has certainly been more active in 3D than ATI/AMD has as of late, but it looks like the situation may be starting to change, as AMD has taken advantage of the just concluded GDC to lay out its new Open Stereo 3D Initiative. While the company isn't yet drumming up too much fanfare about it (or even issuing a press release), it does seem to have gotten things started on an ambitious note, with the initiative promising to provide consumers with "more choice, more innovation, and lower cost." In the nearer term, that will apparently translate to products like 3D-enabled ATI Eyefinity technology, 120Hz displays, stereo 3D notebooks, and various bundled solutions and shutter glasses. Of course, any actual product announcements are still a little ways off, but it looks like AMD does already have quite a few partners lined up.


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21:29 15/03/2010


Me gusta eso de Blu+ray 3D

Las gafas 3d te vendrían con la vga?

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21:54 15/03/2010


Si es asi, me parece que ati otra vez LO HICIERON
porque con nvidia,tenes que comprar por separado, gpu, moni y el kit.
este seria moni y vga con kit, si es asi q viene la cosa.