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3d Mark DX11

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Hardcore Extreme Level


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12:11 05/11/2009


Para cuando salga fermi vamos a tener un nuevo 3d mark

ahora no es necesario pq nvidia no tiene con que usarlo y ya sabemos todos q en 3d mark siempre gana nvidia no?

Successor to 3DMark Vantage

Over the past twelve and a half years, Futuremark Corporation has undoubtedly proven itself a premium provider of benchmarking solutions for high-performance and extreme performance systems, not only targeting the demands of enthusiast communities like XtremeSystems, but also serving the demands of system builders, OEMs, professionals, and the republic of gamers worldwide.

The company's most recent PC gaming benchmark, 3DMark Vantage, has rapidly become the industry standard for real-time DirectX 10 performance competition since its original release in April 2008. Despite a few shortcomings in the methods it uses to calculate raw physics scores, the benchmark provides a more comprehensive system for measuring multi-core scaling and giving higher weights to GPU scaling for future generation architectures.

It has been more than a year and a half since Vantage was released, and several professionals in the industry have already started to make recent speculations about the company's possible next plans for a successor. Our friends at Expreview decided to send a curiosity email over to the source, Futuremark president Oliver Baltuch, in which they received a reply in less than a few hours. Unfortunately, Baltuch responded with the typical industry spiel that the company is unable to discuss unannounced products, but to be assured that Futuremark is “hard at work creating beautiful looking art and fantastic code which will be at the leading edge of technology.”

With the recent launch of AMD's latest Evergreen architecture spanning the entire Radeon HD 5800 series and the upcoming launch of Nvidia's Fermi architecture, we are lead to believe that the successor to Vantage will pitch an appealing marketing scheme by supporting two particularly emergent features in graphics rendering. The success of Futuremark's next release undoubtedly relies on comprehensive support for DirectX 11 benchmarking under Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The second feature is more of a subset under DirectX known as hardware tessellation.

After witnessing the release of the world’s first DirectX 11 benchmark from Uniengine last week and its feature set, we are confident that Futuremark will definitely match its competition and likely provide a much more feature rich set of performance calculations for AMD's and Nvidia's latest generation of GPU architectures.

es el horacio pagani del foro quiq jaja … no creo que lo diga de mala manera solo que te lo dice de una forma que es como te tiraran un baldaso de agua fria jaja…pero bueno tenes que leer lo que realmente el quiere decir…despues la forma de expresarse es lo de menos

by boo2

Hardcore Extreme Level


Cochabamba- Bolivia

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13:00 05/11/2009


Si la mente no me falla el 3dmark 05 las placas de video ATI salian ganando.

Hardcore Extreme Level


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21:35 05/11/2009

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Si la mente no me falla el 3dmark 05 las placas de video ATI salian ganando.

03, 05 y 06…………….

Hardcore Extreme Level


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22:21 05/11/2009

Cita Iniciado por pabloc74
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03, 05 y 06…………….

en el 06 la 8800gt aplasta a la 4850 y el agregado de physx en el vantage mmmmm muy tendencioso, confunde a más de un desinformado