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3D Mark 11

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Hardcore Extreme Level


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10:45 21/05/2010


asi sera llamada la nueva version del conocido soft de bench donde se exprime la vga al mango, el nombre hace alucion a que esta directamente basado en la nueva API de windows, el DX11

Futuremark is readying the next generation of its popular 3D graphics benchmark, the 3DMark. The new version will be called 3DMark 11 (probably named after the year 2011 or DirectX 11), and will strive to be every present-generation GPU's worst nightmare (stress test). With NVIDIA's entry into the DirectX 11 generation of graphics following ATI making the new GPUs "current", 3DMark 11 will focus on the GPUs' DirectX 11 capabilities, probably exploiting new texturing and hardware tessellation features.

The benchmark will be able to push present and future GPUs to their maximum capabilities. At least one of its game tests have been known to be called "Undersea Submarine". There is no mention of NVIDIA PhysX, so it's safe to assume that the benchmark will use industry standard features which are available to all DirectX 11 generation GPUs. However, similar to a marketing deal with Sapphire for 3DMark Vantage (where a certain game test showed a futuristic vehicle with Sapphire logo on it), this version will market MSI. What's more, it will be bundled with MSI graphics cards when the software releases. Futuremark will show off its latest creation at this year's Computex event held in early June, in Taiwan. The software will be released some time in Q3, 2010.

High End Level


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16:44 24/05/2010


Salio una video preview

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17:14 24/05/2010


ni se mosquea mi x3100


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11:17 31/05/2010


y pensar que antes decia cuando haran un juego que se vea igual a una cinematica CG? ya estamos ahi, ahora que hagan remaques de todos los juegos epicos

Mother:Biostar TA790GX 128MMicro: Phenom II 920Memoria:2x2GB GSkill Pi Black 1066Mhz
Video:GIGABYTE GTX 460 1GB Fuente:Satellite SL-8600EPSGabinete:Saikano X-22