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12:01 08/10/2009


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Accepted VoIP Front-page news:

xG Technology promises non-stationary VoIP

VoIP technology is great at economy its users small change, but it does have some disadvantages – you include to be connected to a computer to exploit it, and VoIP calls are blocked on some networks past cellular companies… [Read more]

VoIP Networks Despatch:

ShoreTel users can gross calls with Skype

Skype and ShoreTel Inc announced this week that would-be Skype users can any longer establish chance calls using the ShoreTel UC system, due to a new interoperability between the beta version of Skype in regard to TASTE and ShoreTel’s… [Read more]

More VoIP Statement:

Callforeign and TynTec in SMS sell
Digitalk receives Internet Telephony Greatness accord
Manifone announces Mani-voip
Skype welcomes calls for strainer neutrality
Apple and AT&T grant Google Decision deal
More VoIP Network Talk:

Voxbone uses Aflame Guy to showcase iNums
VoIP Rationality snaps up Sundial Network
Vopium launches in 25 brand-new countries
Jersey chooses 3Com for viewable maintenance communications
Jajah bolted-on to Microsoft OCS