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Nokia E62

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13:48 08/03/2006


Just last week we told you about how the FCC had finally approved Nokia’s E61, a.k.a. The Blackberry/Treo Killer, for sale to the US market. If you’ve already put it on your list of must-buy gadgets, you might want to check out Nokia’s E62 which is basically a tweaked version of the E61. If neither one’s on your list yet, perhaps this partial list of specs will prod you:

* runs on Symbian 9.1 and S60 3.0
* both GPRS and EDGE for data
* GSM bands 850/1900
* Bluetooth 1.2
* screen is 240x320, 256,000 colors, TFT
* miniUSB instead of Nokia’s usual PopPort
* Push email (like the Blackberry)
* USB Mass Storage Mode, so you can mount your phone as a hard drive
* QuickOffice for viewing/editing Word/Excel/Powerpoint
* Screen Export feature lets you run Powerpoint presentations off the E62 with compatible projectors
Positioning and Navigation apps that work with Bluetooth GPS devices


Copadisima la pantalla q trae…

"¿Querías matarme? Bajo esta capa no hay carne ni huesos que matar. Sólo hay una idea. Las ideas son a prueba de balas."
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13:53 08/03/2006


una cagada que le hayan sacado el wi fi, pero igual esta linda

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Axel Rose

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19:58 10/03/2006



uuuuuu q bueno!!
…seguro es CAAAAAAAAro!!:P jajajajaja

graciasss Grayfox!