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Cheap Leather cases with FREE shipping

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15:50 02/09/2009


Hello guys

PDair is a company that has been working on technological innovations for over 7 years. Our design and manufacturing expertise is focused on Smartphone / Hand-held Accessories .

New smartphones and hand-held devices are expensive purchasing decisions, and are easily marked or damaged. Even cosmetic damage often ruins the enjoyment of your purchase. Pdair have invested in new materials and technologies to offer your mobile device protection, and enhance and personalise its appearance. We use only the finest materials, including Leather, Aluminium, and Silicone.

The Quality and Design of our products, and our capacity to react quickly to new models emerging on the market, has fuelled rapid growth in our company.

Today, thanks to very competitive shipping costs, we send thousands of packages to our end users and partners ALL AROUND the world (United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Asia, Middle East, Russia Federation etc.). The network of resellers (web and specialized stores) expands more and more to all corners of the world. We also work in a confidential manner with OEM manufacturers who wish to benefit from our know-how for specific cases.

Also, we maintain close communication with manufacturers, resellers and agencies, to ensure we react swiftly to requirements.

The essence of our brand is directly connected to the evolution of new technologies, and this is why our priority is to always to match new developments with new protective solutions.

Our objective is to offer maximum protection to your mobile device, while producing a specific design for each device, to allow easy operation without removing the case. We combine this with pleasing and fashionable

Our Products
PDair manufactures with the best materials available. Because our purpose is to make products of high quality and excellent durability, we select leather of incredible softness so it envelopes your device like a second skin. Our "research and development" department tries hard everyday to improve our products and offer solutions that will respond to the needs and wants of a demanding, determined and informed clientele.

Three advantages of our products:

- Customer Service

Our customer service listens and informs clients and users. This information is essential for us. Trust us, we REALLY take into account you comments and suggestions: your positive comments encourage us and the negative ones will help improve. Our only desire is to satisfy all of our customers.

- Marketing and Communication Service

PDair does product testing on a regular basis through international specialized magazines and communitarian web sites. Our collaborators know, from their experience and knowledge, how to foresee the wishes and needs of our clients. Thanks to all of them!

- Our Experience

Our specialized team is fascinated by new technologies and has been working on the mobile sector for several years. Those little devices mean a lot to us and we wish to protect them all while allowing access to their advanced functions.

We are very aware and careful about our brand (Quality, Design and Functionality). Our internal policy is aimed at continuous improvement. Our customers deserve it!

Customer Satisfaction
Our main purpose is to satisfy ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Should you have any problem whatsoever regarding one of our products, our service or with a reseller, do not hesitate to contact us, our customer service is ready to listen and find a fast and effective solution.

Our after sales service won't leave a problem unattended. Customer satisfaction comes first, the solution to your problem will always be a priority and we will do everything we can in the shortest amount of time possible.

The ideology, the know-how, the company policy and the hard work that characterises us, make our commitment total. We will excel.

Our spirit: Aware of your needs and expectations, and delivering them!!


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