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Legend Hand of God

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Hardcore Extreme Level


entradas: 4280

13:11 22/04/2008


Legend: Hand of God gives players a fantasy scenario. They will be helping a young adept by fighting the evil – and will have to stand in loads of action filled battles.
Sinopsis :
Unique graphic features like the cinematic combat system will make even watching the battles fun: Enemies will be fought depending on their size – so it can happen that Legend’s hero jumps on the back of a giant troll to finally finish him. Controlling Legend: Hand of God will stay as easys as players are used to.

Many more unique features, state of the art graphics and great atmosphere and storyline will make Legend: Hand of God a must have not only for fans of Action RPGs.

Legend: Hand of God is being developed by Hamburg based studio Master Creating. US top story writer Susan O’Connor, Hollywood lead artist Paul Campion and creative director Andreas Adamek – one of the Gianna Sister’s creators – are also part of the team.


Windows XP/Vista;
Pentium 4 – 2 GHz;
Ram 1 GB ;
video 256 MB (GeForce 7600 or better);
Espacion -5 GB .

Hardcore Extreme Level

ivan quaglia

entradas: 14363

22:22 22/04/2008


Me pinto 2 cosas… graficamente medio medio… y por el nombre.. hay un juego muy chistoso llamado the hand of god para PS2 onda devil may cry pero con un sujeto que usa sus puñitos… con combos por demas divertidos jejej

Midle End Level


entradas: 463

13:17 01/05/2008


ivan quaglia , pensa que es una demo no esta totalmente terminada y se me da que esas screenshots, estan tomadas con los graficos no al maximo, y ademas me parece medio berreton como el ultimo hard to be a god, algo parecido a este y realmente berreta