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Teclado similar sidewinder x6

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Midle End Level


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16:31 25/05/2009



Estoy buscando algun teclado similar al sidewinder x6 en el sentido que tenga el pad numerico a la izquierda (o tenga la posibilidad de ponerlo).

Conocen alguno? Sino pensaba en comprar alguno sin pad numerico y comprarlo aparte, pero no encuentro ningun teclado piola. Que siga teniendo las flechas y las teclas insert, delete etc horizontal.

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04:46 26/05/2009


Tell me something good. That seems to bewow gold the request for TV fans when it comes to the network's new fall schedules: What's coming that will be worth watching? This year, luckily, that question is easier to answer than last year, which was damaged by the writers' strike. There are more and better shows arriving this fall. Unlike last year, all of the new series had something to show the gathered advertisers in New York, where networks made their fall announcements. Keep in mind that these are firstwow gold impressions. Except for two series that showed full pilots, we've seen only brief clips, and it's not possible to form an informed opinion on a clip. This, then, is an advance glance at the most promising toys in the catalog. FALL SCHEDULE: What shows are back,wow gold what's new and what's movingABC Let other networks retrench. ABC's approach to the recession is to invest, to double down on entertainment in hard times in hopes of profiting when good times return. ABC not only has the most new shows; it has more new shows on just one night (five on Wednesdays) than any other network has all week.One of the most intriguing is the sci-fi drama Fast Forward from Dark Knight's David Goyer and 24's Brannon Braga, about a worldwide blackout that gives everyone a glimpse into the near-future. Well, everyone who isn't killed by a flash-forwarding driver.The early standout was Modern Family, and ABC seems to agree, as it took the risk of screening the pilot at its presentation. The risk paid off: This comedy about three very different couples and their children is smart, funny and well-cast, with an ensemble that includes Ed O'Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen. The mockumentary style could become a problem, but the show is sweeter and funnier than the genre norm. CBS The most-watched network overall needs less and is doing less, putting most of its energy into rearranging its schedule to push two worthy shows: The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist. That's not an exciting approach, but unexciting has worked before and probably will again.Among the new shows, the best response was for reality series Undercover Boss. Viewers are just as likely to respond to NCIS: Los Angeles, and that's the response that matters. A good response may also greet The Good Wife. It would be easy to dismiss the show as a law series with a twist: The wife returns to work when her politico husband is caught in a sex scandal. But CBS tends to do traditional well, and the wife is played by a genuine TV star: Julianna Margulies. CW Let's hope you want a few more Gossip-type girls, because that's pretty much all CW does these days.You'll find no more narrowly targeted network than CW, which is basically programmed for, about and with pretty young white girls and the pretty boys they fancy. Outside of Top Model, minorities are pretty much fashion accessories.Luckily for fans of the departed WB, there is a show coming that's reminiscent of that netlet: The Vampire Diaries. Produced by Dawson Creek's Kevin Williamson, this series follows two good-looking vampire brothers as they compete for the soul of an equally good-looking high school girl. It's a familiar CW teen soap pattern, and it probably won't reach beyond the target audience. But vampires are hot, and CW seems to have a knack for supernatural themes.

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09:38 01/06/2009


I get my manga at ,So anyone out there wanna answer