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Awesome web-based casino where I hit big with blackjac plan

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00:07 25/11/2009


Howdy to all!,

Wished to let you in a secret of mine. I have been using this 21 ebook from Blackjack Blast on Online Casino and I've been doing a steady $500+ daily.

This online casino has an outstanding $3000 welcome bonus, which is very good for a vip players.

They accept US Players which is tough to find good casinos who accept usa players these days.

did i mention that I started playing the free play for a little while just testing the software, and after a little while of winning a bunch and losing some hands. I was made contact with by their support team, which I have to say was extremely nice in friendly me to the casino. They then asked if I needed to try and play for free on the genuine money side. Within just a few short minutes and brief introduction, they gave me some free cash to actually try out the chances on the genuine side. I was amazed how easy it was to start playing on the real tables for Free!

I must have played with their money for just about 12 hours!

They also have a great feature where you can actually become the dealer in the game and have the house odds, that was truly good to play that way.

The technique work great on this casino.

htttp:// <- Where the money is at!