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Nueva Estafa !!!

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23:16 10/08/2006



Customer Service Department Affiliate of Toyota Japan .
#28 Kanashiwa road Tokyo JP

We are pleased to inform you of the announcement made today, You are among the winners of the TOYOTA CAR INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 2,500,000 email addresses of individuals and companies from all part of the world as part of our electronic business Promotions Program.

As a result of your visiting various websites we are running the e-business promotions for. You/Your Company email address, attached to ticket number 343-221-8756, with serial number 454-17 drew the lucky numbers 3, 8, 13, 22, 27, 41 and Bonus number 12 , Your INSURANCE Number: FLS433/ 453L /GMSA and consequently you won in the Second Category of the TOYOTA FORTUNE LOTTO DRAW.
You have therefore been approved for the payment of the sum of US$500, 000, 00 in cash, including a Toyota car which is the winning present /amount for the Second category winners. This is from the total prize money of US$2,650,000.00 shared among the international winners in the Second category. CONGRATULATIONS!
Please be informed that your won fund of the sum of US$500,000.00 is now with the payee center. Contact our agent and give them your full names so that they will re-insure your winning fund under your full names. Together with the port where your winning car should be shiped to.
To begin your claim, please call our claim agent or send email immediately to:-.

Certificate Agent, Tayota Email Lotto
Dr K.Umoi


NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, Please quote your

1. Full name
2. Address / contact number
3. Country of origin
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. Tel/fax.

Sincerely ,
Mrs Ing Chuny Liu
Hon Cordinator

Este Mail me llego hace unos dias, me hace acordar a la loteria de Nigeria, se acuerdan!, todavia no descubri cual es la forma de sacarte dinero o informacion que tienen.
Quien puede creer que van a sortear U$S 500.000, por haber dejado tu Email en las paginas de Toyota, mas si nunca visitaste un pagina de esa compania.
Siguen existiendo demasiaos Hijos de Puta en este Planeta……… y tambien muchos ********s que creen que les van a regalar dinero asi por que sí…

a alguien le llego un mail parecido ???, si llega a ser verdad comparto la plata con todo el Foro!!!!!! JA JA JAAAA

Asus P5W DH Deluxe * Core 2 Duo E6600 * 2 GB G.Skill (4-4-4-12) * Asus 7300 GT * HD Seagate 320GB (300 GB reales) Sata * Sonido (on board) Chooottttto!!!, pero no importa * Satellite 570K * PowerCooler 500 SS *

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23:30 10/08/2006


Tal ves con esos datos se pueden camuyar a los de paypal para q revelen el pass jeje, no se… la cosa q el tipo usa una cuenta con dominio netscape

Mmm que rico!