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Mail de AMD sobre las fuentes truchas que usan su logo para vender

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01:46 14/11/2002


El siguiente texto corresponde a un mail mandado por Technology Project Manager de AMD hablando sobre el tema de fuentes "truchas" o que se hacen de "vivos" poniendo etiqueta de AMD Approved.

Osea si ven algunos que tienen etiqueta de Intel o AMD, signican que son truchas, como algunos coolers que vi por ahi tambien.

AMD has received a growing number of reports regarding power supplies marked as "recommended by AMD" or "approved by AMD" or the AMD logo adhered or attached on the supply. This is the second message regarding this misuse of AMD's name and logo and the practice has continued to the point of customer complaint of products not capable of managing the required current or substandard quality in some cases causing a financial impact by the purchasing company. Effective immediately, any company's product witnessed by AMD that is marked with AMD's name or trademarked logo's will be removed immediately from the AMD website (all product from that company will be affected). As well, if deemed necessary. the information will be relayed to AMD's legal team as a potential fraud case. If you have product marked today with AMD's name or logo please immediately cease the practice to avoid further action. If company is found to be in violation and wishes to rectify the situation, the affected serial numbers must be disclosed along with a written explanation of plan to contain the product and discontinue the practice.
Please note, by receipt of this message your company is not being singled out as a violator but instead this message is sent to all power supply companies AMD has been working with in the power supply enablement program to ensure a full understanding of this policy.
Should you have any question about the proper use of AMD's trademark and logo, please see…2_604,00.html.