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Problema con l4f

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00:02 31/07/2009


Hola gente .El tema es que cuando lo instalo,ejecuto el exe del juego y se me habre el steam…Selecciono el l4d le pongo launch game y me sale que los ervers estan llenos..No puedo jugarlo offline…
Alguien save como puedo jugarlo online o offline por lo menos?? busque en google y me marie con las guias…. Desde ya grax

[Review]Thermaltake purepower 430w NP[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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00:32 31/07/2009


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04:57 05/08/2009


Maybe you don’t believe it, but it’s true that the secondary professions can make tons of wow gold for you. Don’t just pay your attention on primary professions. You secondary ones are also going to return you when you take paint on them. What are secondary professions??? They are Cooking, First Aid and Fishing. And we usually call the secondary professions as secondary skill.Cuisine creates food, and all classes benefit from cooking. You usually get pieces of meat. Instead of selling them to merchants, it’s better to use them to create food. There are player such as non-healing player or a player who solos that they rely on food. Food will be indispensable for them. You can sell your food to them. Cooking can bring profit, since there’s very low risk of losing money on it. How much profit is depending on your server, it might be better or worse than other methods of making wow gold?Characters can use First Aid to create bandages that can cure any players out of several types of cloth including Linen Cloth, Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth and more. It can also allowed players to make anti-venom consumables from venom sacs dropped by various poisonous monsters.Fishing is the best money maker, because anything you catch is pure profit. Fishing can be done without almost zero danger. Raw fish can be cooked, or be fed to Hunter Pets. It’s a good idea to speedup fishing and cooking skill. Fish are valuable and can be sold or vended in AH. Of course, you may not get a big amount of wow gold one time, what you can do is to repeat to do it again and again.Level your secondary skill in World of Warcraft, and make wow gold easy at the same time! Cheers!