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Ayudenme a deicidirme – Ipod o Creative zen vision W ?

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14:26 08/09/2007


Bueno.. averiguando por todos lados fui encontrando distintos productos.. la cosa es asi:

ACLARO: Lo mas probable es que lo pueda hacer traer de estados unidos… en ese caso la decicion seria entre esto:

Tengo 420 dolares y me quiero comprar un MP4 … estoy entre IPOD y CREATIVE ZEN VISION W

El ipod… incluso se desprenden varias ramas:

Ipod Video 80Gb (es el ipod video comun seria la generacion 5, osea el modelo del año pasado)
Ipod Classic 80Gb (seria el Ipod video 6ta generacion osea el nuevo)
Ipod Touch (el nuevo ipod con wifi y touch screen pero solo tiene 16 Gb)

El ipod video esta unos 250 dolares, El ipod classic de 80 gb sale unos 300 Dolares, y el ipod touch sale unos 450 dolares

Mientras que pasando al creative zen vision w tenemos el de 30 Gb que sale 250 Dolares y el de 60 Gb que sale 360 dolares



Esta el ipod video de 80 gb a 400 dolares y el creative zen vision w de 30 gb a 410 dolares ….

Ya no hablamso del ipod Classic (osea el nuevo) ni el touch porque.. todavia NI se consiguen aca y .. el dia que lleguen que seran uno o dos meses… va a salir ORO jajaj … el ipod touch va a estar minimo 700 dolares.

Esa es mi duda…. IPOD O CREATIVE ZEN W????


Modelo : MA450LL/A – MA448LL/A
Color : Blanco y Negro
Medidas : 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55
Capacidad Canciones : 20,000
Capacidad Fotos : 25,000
Capacidad Video : hasta 150 hrs.
Formatos de Musica MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF (uncompressed), Apple Lossless, and Audible files (formats 2, 3 and 4)
Formato de Video MPEG-4 and MOV.

Formato de Fotos JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG.


4.3 WQVGA wide aspect high-resolution TFT LCD screen

View 480 x 272 resolution in a wide aspect screen at up to 262,144 colors in your videos. You'll see crisp, clear details in every movie or photo, even under bright lighting.

Up to 240 hours of movies

Big screen blockbusters, yesterday's picnic, or even your favorite TV shows8. They can all fit in your pocket and are perfect for sharing. ZEN Vision W supports many video formats, such as AVI, DivX? 4 & 53, XviD4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG4-SP, WMV9 and Motion-JPEG, which simply means more choices and fewer restrictions.

Tens of thousands of photos

View precious memories – tens of thousands of them – in 262,144 vivid colors in actual resolutions. Complete with a thumbnail gallery, ZEN Vision W makes it easy to scroll through your entire photo collection. Zoom in close to preview your new images in actual pixel resolution, so you can decide if you really want them in your library.

An amazing 15,000 songs

Perfect for taking with you on the road or anywhere. Set the tone as you like it with the 5-band custom EQ or 8 preset EQ settings. With up to 96dB signal-to-noise ratio, the ZEN Vision W sounds as good as it looks.

TV-out for movies and photo slideshow

Connect the ZEN Vision W to a projector or TV with the bundled AV cable, and delight everyone with big screen movie magic delivered in true resolution.

Integrated Plug&View? Compact Flash I & II Slot

Transferring pictures from your camera to ZEN Vision W has never been easier. Simply slot in your camera's Compact Flash (CF) memory card and let the ZEN Vision W do the rest. The optional Compact Flash card adapter supports all your favorite memory card formats such as SD, MMC, Memory Stick and more.

Share your sight and sound

Watching movies with your best mates on a picnic trip is now easier with the high gloss and scratch resistant wide color screen. With the built-in high-fidelity audio speaker, ZEN Vision W is the perfect pocket cinema.

Long lasting battery

Get more video and audio playback time with the included removable and rechargeable battery. Enjoy up to 13 hours of music5, or 4.5 hours of movies6.

FM radio

If 15,000 songs aren't enough, listen to more music with the integrated FM radio. 32 station presets let you switch stations with ease.

Personal organizer

Store and view all the information that's important to you – daily tasks, contact lists and even a calendar – that you sync with Microsoft Outlook, or edit with Creative Media Explorer.

Voice recorder

Meetings, lectures, even voice memos to yourself – record them all with the integrated voice recorder, which stores hundreds of hours worth of recordings.

Full access to online music stores

Full access to online music stores
Select more than a million songs from a myriad of online music stores – Napster To Go, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Rhapsody To Go, and so many more. With PlaysForSure support, you will always be able to play any digital music you purchase.

Get ZENcast

Enjoy the ultimate collection of free video and audio podcast channels Manage all your favorite subscriptions with ZENcast Organizer and experience the best of the free-to-share formats available.

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14:43 08/09/2007


No va a salir oro el ipod… va a salir alrededor de 300 dolares el classic de 80 gygas. El touch, quiza lo venden 100 dolares arriba del precio, pero mas, no pueden.
Espera un poco mejor, vale la pena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Para mi, la linea classic la van a vender 300 dolares el de 80 gygas y 400 dolares el de 160. Aguanta un poco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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16:12 08/09/2007


Yo tuve un Creative Zen y me resulto muy malo… pero esa es mi experiencia simplemente, ahora si queres comprarte uno ya, anda por el Ipod Video que es una masa… que tengas suerte y saludos!!!!!

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16:28 08/09/2007


touch = iria por el de 80