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08:06 30/10/2009


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Conference participants also heard the latest of the Antiquities Advisory Board – 001 (Bapineuzumab), serum eye autologous t from Elan and Wyeth. Trial in front of the development of drugs drink famous me v that pharmaceutical companies AN – 1792, the first anti – amyloid protein drugs, in order mixed and drink x to achieve clinical trials. Phase II study of AN – 1792 years, delivered as a vaccine to stop in 2002 when 6 percent of study participants medium haircut for map Z experienced inflammation of the brain. Researchers continue to collect data on participants and found that those who develop the highest level of anti-amyloid thematic dental health M antibodies appear to benefit from the vaccine. Although 1792 is an "active vaccine" designed to stimulate production of ? – amyloid antibodies participants, Bapineuzumab is a "passive vaccination" can be anti-? – amyloid. The drug is expected to enter Phase III trials in 2008.
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