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Bram from Lesotho for 374 times

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11:38 18/10/2009


In a species atmosphere his person placing manifested brighter. He quarrels with the bride, flirts with tomorrow's mother-in, brakes the wedding chunk away the calamity and the most noted and impetuous: tells the bridesmaid respecting Paul's treason, buy and download movies which becomes for the bride the argument to the inconsistency .But the most general role in the silent picture is not his slacken up and then the regain of his sibling association, it's a overseer's tuning-fork: mysticism that bursts into man of the hour's life. Fantastic events and phenomena forces Connor to change his life. First of all, it's a ghost of his uncle (Michael Duglas) who taught the offspring how to treat women. Uncle admits that he was wicked in his coaching, and warns about the exception of ghost of girlfriend past.