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formato i00

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entradas: 571

10:25 30/07/2007


hola buen dia alguien sabe con q programa puedo abrir el formato i00 ?

you cannot live with fear

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11:40 30/07/2007


1. WinPhone phonebook.
2. DVD Shrink file. An ISO (DVD) image that has been split into multiple parts by DVD Shrink in order to overcome limitations on the maximum file size imposed by the limitations of FAT 32 file systems. Each file is approximately 1GB in side, subsequent files will be .i01, .i02 etc and there should also be a .mds file that contains information on the parts.

There does not appear to be a single download site for DVD Shrink. It is freeware. To obtain a copy search for a download site using your favourite search engine.

O seaaaaa q con el DVD Shrink lo haces.