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Venta:Apple iphone 16GB/Nokia N96/Sony Ericsson W960i/i-mate Ultimate 9502

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15:12 22/03/2008


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A Registered company.

Below is our price list of available product we have in stock, All Brand new, with complete accessories in box, Interested buyer should contact us with the above email address, along with your shipping details ( Name/Address/Telephone number),

New Apple iPhone and touch
New Apple iPhone 16GB————$330usd
New Apple iPhone 8GB————$250usd
New Apple Iphone 4GB ————$200usd
New Apple Ipod touch 16 GB—–$200usd
New Apple Ipod touch 8 GB——$150usd

New Sidekick Pager
New LX Brown sidekick———$300usd
New Sidekick slide——–$280usd
New D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3———$200usd
New LRG sidekick 3 special Edition—————$160usd
New Sidekick 3———–$130usd
New Sidekick 2———-$100usd

New Nokia phone
New Nokia N96————-$500usd
New Nokia N95 8GB————-$340usd
New Nokia N78———–$350usd
New Nokia N82——————-$300usd
New Nokia N95——————-$270usd
New Nokia N81 8GB————$280usd
New Nokia N81——————-$250usd
New Nokia E90 Communicator—————$250usd
New Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte—–$280usd
New Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition————-$200usd
New Nokia N800 Internet Tablet———–$230usd
New Nokia N93—————$200usd
New Nokia N93i—————$230usd

New HTC phone
New HTC X7501 Advantage—-$400usd
New HTC Touch Cruise——$330usd
New HTC Advantage X7500——-$350usd
New HTC Touch Dual———$300usd
New HTC TyTN II———$300usd
New HTC Touch——-$250usd
New HTC TyTN——–$280usd

New Sony Ericsson phone
New Sony Ericsson W980———–$400usd
New Sony Ericsson W960———–$300usd
New Sony Ericsson P1————-$280usd
New Sony Ericsson W910i———–$270usd
New Sony Ericsson R306 Radio—–$300
New Sony Ericsson K850———–$250usd
New Sony Ericsson W890——–$280usd
New Sony Ericsson W888——— $260usd
New Sony Ericssson P990———-$250usd
New Sony Ericsson W880——— $220usd
New Sony Ericsson K550——— $200usd

New Motorola Phones
New Motorola U9——–$350usd
New Motorola RIZR Z10—————$350usd
New Motorola ROKR E8————$330usd
New Motorola Razr2 V9————-$310usd
New Motorola Razr2 V8————-$280usd
New Motorola RIZR Z8—————$230usd
New Motorola RIZR Z3—————$200usd
New Motorola ROKR E6—————$200usd
New Motorola SLVR L9—————$230usd
New Motorola KRZR K1—————$190usd
New Motorola A1200———— $180usd

New I-mate phone
New i-mate Ultimate 9502—————$400usd
New i-mate Ultimate 8502—————$350usd
New i-mate JAMA————— $400usd
New i-mate Ultimate 9150—————$320usd
New i-mate Ultimate 8150—————$300usd
New i-mate Ultimate 7150—————$290usd
New i-mate Ultimate 6150—————$280usd
New I-mate Ultimate 5150—————$230usd

New E-ten phone
New Eten glofiish M800———-$350
New Eten glofiish X650———-$300
New Eten glofiish X800———-$330
New Eten glofiish M700———-$300
New Eten glofiish X500+———-$280
New Eten glofiish X500———-$250

New Samsung phone
New Samsung G900————$450usd
New Samsung G800————$350usd
New Samsung Serenata————$400usd
New Samsung i780————$340usd
New Samsung i550————$330usd
New Samsung i450————$310usd
New Samsung P520 Armani————$330usd
New Samsung F700—————$280usd
New Samsung U700—————$240usd
New Samsung U600—————$220usd
New Samsung U300—————$190usd

Thanks for taken your time to read our product catalog.

The Management.
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